Here at Buddies, we welcome all breeds of dog regardless of size and temperament.  Due to the unique design of our centre, we are able to offer private one-to-one sessions in one of our custom-made Grooming Booths.

Unlike open plan grooming salons, each of our Grooming Booths are secured with safety gates and doors.  So, whether your dog is nervous when being groomed or dislikes other dogs we can cater for them all at Buddies.

Treat your dog to a bath with shampoo and conditioner, brush out, groom, nail trim, ear clean and basic health check from only £25.

Our top of the range bathing and drying facilities are of highest quality and standard.  WE DO NOT HAVE OR USE DRYING CAGES OR CABINET DRYERS.

Do you own a big dog, or perhaps one with mobility issues? Do not worry, Buddies have it covered.  Our exclusive “Big Boy Shower” requires no stair or ramp climbing.  Together, we walk-in and walk-out; stress free and easy on the joints.

Our qualified and experienced team of professional groomers will look after your dog to ensure a calm and positive grooming experience, every time.  We are happy to discuss grooming styles, coat maintenance and general doggy questions – please feel free to ask us about our other services.

When booking, please let us know if your dog…

...has any fleas or parasites.

Dogs will automatically receive a flea bath if fleas are present – extra charges will apply. coming in to, in, or coming out of season.

We keep the dogs separate, however the scent can drive them all crazy!  We will make special arrangements. an intact male.

We like to keep testosterone levels low!




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