The term ‘Myotherapy’ originates from the Greek word ‘myo’ or muscle.  Massage is one of the oldest forms of complementary therapy.  The massage techniques used within holistic human and equine massage is combined with traditional massage to create a specialised type of treatment.

Myotherapy is a non-invasive form of physical therapy which uses Swedish massage techniques to manipulate soft and connective tissues of the body (i.e. muscle and myofascia).  Myotherapy treats the body as a whole as opposed to focusing on one specific area or injury site.   By targeting treatment, myotherapy is able to functionally and remedially manage the condition that the dog is indicating.

The aim is to seek out, prevent and treat postural or loading issues, and compensatory problems, damaged or injured muscle and to maintain muscular balance within the entire body.


  • Consistent lameness

  • Intermittent lameness

  • Stiffness after rest or exercise

  • Mobility issues

  • Postural and loading issues

  • Muscle, ligament or tendon injury and damage

  • Reduced exercise tolerance

  • Reduced activity levels

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Spinal disease and much more


  • Everyday life

  • Puppy development

  • The ageing dog

  • The overweight dog

  • Agility, show, sporting and working dogs

  • Improving relationship between man and dog

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Please note: Veterinary consent is required prior to any myotherapy treatment


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